From the Woman behind ONÅ

“I am the strong woman I am today, thanks each and every female in my life. The strong ones, but also those who seek their inner strength. The beautiful ones that don’t believe they have it, but have just to seek it, and they will find it. The kind-hearted ones, who appear soft, but are powerful in empathy.

The women who guided and INSPIRED me, who gave me the STRENGTH to continue when I felt exhausted and hopeless.

It was the unwavering, nurturing feminine energy around me that inspired me to find my spark again and do something for myself. For all the women, who need a unique, special place where they can feel at peace - ONA Beauty Hub - a place filled with comfort and dedicated care where women can come to relax, rest and be pampered head to toe.”

— Marina, Founder of ONÅ Beauty Hub.

ONÅ Philosophy

ONÅ Beauty Hub - inspired by European heritage and made here in the UAE. Our mission is to help you to restore your equilibrium.

ONÅ is committed to using the best natural, clean, and vegan products on the market (in both our services and interior) to truly care for your body head to toe.

We vow to provide you with a truly unique and memorable well ness experience for your nails, skin, body, and hair, allowing you to restore and feel the peace.

ONÅ’s aim is to unite women and our community, helping them to live a balanced, healthy life. The Beauty Hub wishes to bring harmony to your mind as well as pampering you head to toe. We believe it’s not only about your physical beauty, but beyond that too.
Step into your sanctuary and feel at home with ONÅ.

ONÅ Beauty Hub - Beauty & Beyond

The Team




Top Hairstylist


Nail Therapist


Therapist (Nails (Classic, Gelish, Extensions), Waxing, Threading, Massages in the Chair)


Therapist (Nails (Classic, Gelish, Extensions), Waxing, Threading, Massages in the Chair)


Multi Therapist (Nails (Classic, Gelish, Extensions), Waxing, Threading, Hair, Facials, Massages in the Chair)